17 Common Things That Weigh 50 Grams

When it comes to measuring weight, grams are one of the most commonly used units. It’s a small amount, but it can make a big difference in certain situations. For example, if you’re trying to measure out medication or ingredients for a recipe, getting the weight just right is essential. With this in mind, we’ve put together a guide that details 17 common things that weigh 50 grams.

No#List Of Things That Weigh 50 Grams
1.AA Batteries
2.Ping Pong Ball
3.Cloth Clip (average size)
4.Small Bag of Chips or Snacks
5.USB Flash Drive
6.Thumbtacks (around 20-25)
7.Pocket-Sized Notepad
8.Small Tube of Lip Balm
9.A Handful of Coins (depending on the denominations)
10.Miniature Toy Car
11.A Small Pack of Chewing Gum
12.A single serving of Instant Coffee or Tea
13.A Handful of Grapes (approximately)
14.Small Rubber Eraser
15.Box of Matches (average size)
16.A Wooden Clothespin (average size)
17.Small Envelope with a Letter or Note

How Heavy is 50 Grams?

50 grams is a unit of weight commonly used for measuring small objects or quantities. To put it into perspective, 50 grams is equivalent to 0.05 kilograms or approximately 0.11 pounds.

AA Batteries

things that weigh 50 grams

When it comes to small electronic devices, AA batteries are a popular choice. These batteries are commonly used in items such as flashlights, remote controls, and digital cameras. But have you ever wondered how much an AA battery weighs? On average, an AA battery weighs about 23 grams.

To put this into perspective, there are many other everyday items that weigh around 50 grams. For example, a standard letter postage stamp weighs approximately 50 grams.

A single key on a keyboard typically weighs between 2-5 grams, so you would need at least ten keys to equal the weight of one AA battery.

While the weight of an individual AA battery may not seem like much, it’s important to remember that these batteries can add up quickly if you’re using multiple devices that require them.

Ping Pong Ball

things that weigh 50 grams

Ping-pong balls are small, lightweight spheres that weigh approximately 2.7 grams each. However, when it comes to items that weigh 50 grams, ping pong balls can be used as a reference point for comparison.

For example, you could fit roughly 18 ping pong balls inside a package or container that weighs 50 grams.

One interesting fact about ping pong balls is that they are made of celluloid, which is a type of plastic derived from nitrocellulose and camphor. This material gives the ball its characteristic bounce and spin properties in the game of table tennis.

In addition to their use in sports, ping pong balls also have various practical applications such as in science experiments and party decorations.

They can be used to demonstrate concepts such as air pressure or buoyancy due to their light weight and ability to float on water.

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Cloth Clip (average size)

things that weigh 50 grams

A cloth clip, also known as a clothespin or a clothes peg, is an essential tool in every household. It is commonly used to hang wet clothes on a line for drying purposes. The average size of a cloth clip usually ranges from 6-10 centimeters in length and weighs around 50 grams.

Small Bag of Chips or Snacks

things that weigh 50 grams

When it comes to snacking, sometimes a small bag of chips or other snacks is all you need to satisfy your cravings without overindulging.

These bite-sized treats are perfect for on-the-go snacking and can easily fit into your purse or backpack. And the best part? They weigh in at just 50 grams, making them an ideal option for those looking to watch their calorie intake.

Whether you’re in the mood for something savory or sweet, there are plenty of options available in this small size.

From classic potato chips and cheese puffs to chocolate-covered pretzels and fruit snacks, there is no shortage of choices when it comes to finding the perfect snack that weighs just 50 grams.

Plus, many brands offer healthier alternatives made with ingredients like whole grains and real fruits that are still packed with flavor.

USB Flash Drive

things that weigh 50 grams

A USB flash drive, also known as a thumb drive, is a small portable storage device that can store and transfer data between electronic devices.

These devices are commonly used to transfer files such as photos, videos, music, and documents from one computer to another. USB flash drives are lightweight and compact items that weigh roughly 50 grams or less.

USB flash drives come in different sizes and capacities ranging from 2GB to 1TB. Some models even offer password protection for added security.

They also have a variety of shapes and designs making them not only functional but fashionable too. With their portability feature, you can easily carry them around in your pocket or attach them to your keychain for quick access.

As technology continues to advance, the need for portable storage devices like USB flash drives becomes more important than ever before.

Thumbtacks (around 20-25)

things that weigh 50 grams

Thumbtacks are small, yet versatile items that can be found in almost every office space or home. They weigh around 50 grams, making them lightweight and easy to carry around. These tiny tacks pack a punch when it comes to holding up important documents on bulletin boards or walls.

Pocket-Sized Notepad

things that weigh 50 grams

A pocket-sized notepad can be such a handy thing to have, especially when you want to write something down on the go.

It’s small enough to fit into your pocket or bag, and it won’t weigh you down since it typically only weighs about 50 grams. This means that you can carry it around with ease and jot down any notes or reminders whenever necessary.

Not only is a pocket-sized notepad convenient for everyday use, but it’s also ideal for people who love to travel.

When you’re out exploring new places and experiencing different cultures, having a notepad with you can help keep track of important information like addresses or phone numbers.

Plus, if you’re an artist or writer who draws inspiration from new environments, having a notebook at hand is essential for capturing those creative ideas as they come.

Small Tube of Lip Balm

things that weigh 50 grams

A small tube of lip balm may seem like a negligible item in your bag, but it is always an essential one. This little tube weighs about 4-5 grams and can be easily carried around wherever you go.

It comes in handy during the winter season when our lips tend to dry out due to the cold weather or even during hot summer days when we are exposed to the sun for long hours.

When packing for travel, especially if you aim to travel light or have a weight limit on your luggage, items that weigh 50 grams or less become crucial.

In such situations, carrying a small tube of lip balm is ideal as it does not add much weight to your baggage. Additionally, it can also be used as a makeshift moisturizer for other areas of your skin that may feel dry or chapped.

A Handful of Coins (depending on the denominations)

things that weigh 50 grams

A handful of coins may not seem like much, but depending on the denominations, it can weigh up to 50 grams. This weight is equivalent to a small apple or a pack of gum. It’s important to be aware of items that weigh 50 grams because they can impact your everyday life.

Miniature Toy Car

things that weigh 50 grams

A miniature toy car is a small-scale replica of a real-life vehicle that can fit in the palm of your hand. These tiny cars are ideal for collectors, children, and hobbyists who love to play with vehicles. The best part about miniature toy cars is that they weigh only 50 grams or less, making them easy to carry around and store.

A Small Pack of Chewing Gum

things that weigh 50 grams

A small pack of chewing gum can be a lifesaver for those who want to freshen their breath or keep their mouth occupied.

Weighing in at just around 5 grams, it is also a great addition to any travel bag or purse without adding much weight. In fact, there are many common items that we carry around every day that weigh roughly 50 grams.

A single serving of Instant Coffee or Tea

A single serving of instant coffee or tea is a convenient option for those who are always on the go. These beverages can be quickly prepared by simply adding hot water, making them an ideal choice for people who don’t have the time to brew a fresh cup of coffee or tea. Additionally, they are lightweight and easy to carry around, making them perfect for travel.

When it comes to weight, a single serving of instant coffee or tea typically weighs around 50 grams. This makes them ideal for backpackers and hikers who need to pack light but still want the convenience of having a hot beverage when they’re out in nature. Other items that weigh around 50 grams include small snacks like energy bars, granola bars, and trail mix.

However, it’s important to remember that not all instant coffees and teas are created equal.

A Handful of Grapes (approximately)

things that weigh 50 grams

A handful of grapes, approximately 50 grams in weight, may seem like a small amount. However, there are many other items that also weigh around 50 grams. These items include a standard AA battery, a pack of gum with five pieces inside, and an average-sized kiwifruit.

Small Rubber Eraser

things that weigh 50 grams

A small rubber eraser is one of the most common items that weigh around 50 grams. It is a handy tool that we use in our daily lives to correct errors made while writing or drawing.

The size and weight of a rubber eraser make it convenient to carry around in pencil cases, pockets, bags, or wallets.

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Box of Matches (average size)

things that weigh 50 grams

A box of matches, with an average size, is a common household item that weighs around 50 grams. Matches have been used for centuries to light candles, start fires or ignite stoves in households all over the world. With their small size and portable nature, matches can be carried easily in pockets or purses.

A Wooden Clothespin (average size)

things that weigh 50 grams

A single serving of instant coffee or tea is a popular choice for those who are always on the go. These small and lightweight items weigh approximately 50 grams and are easy to pack into your bag or purse.

They provide an easy and convenient way to enjoy a hot beverage without the hassle of brewing a full pot.

Instant coffee and tea come in various flavors, making it suitable for all tastes. From classic black coffee to fruity herbal teas, there is something for everyone.

These single-serve packets also save time as they require minimal preparation and can be prepared quickly with just hot water.

One of the biggest advantages of instant coffee or tea packets is their long shelf life. Unlike freshly brewed beverages that need to be consumed immediately, these items have a much longer lifespan and can last up to several months.

Small Envelope with a Letter or Note

things that weigh 50 grams

A small envelope with a letter or note is an age-old way of communication that still holds a lot of value in today’s digital age. Even though emails and text messages are more prevalent, nothing beats the charm and personal touch of receiving a handwritten note from someone you care about.

Moreover, small envelopes with letters or notes can carry sentimental value and be treasured for years to come.

FAQs – Things That Weigh 50 Grams

What weighs exactly 50 grams?

There are a variety of items that weigh exactly 50 grams. The most common thing is a standard bar of soap, typically weighing around 50 grams. Coins can also weigh 50 grams; in the United States, a half-dollar coin weighs approximately 50 grams.

What weighs 50 grams to calibrate a scale?

Calibrating a scale typically requires an item that is known to weigh a certain amount. The most common item used for this purpose is a 50-gram weight, which can be purchased from many online retailers or scientific supply stores.

How many pennies weigh 50 grams?

Approximately 500 pennies weigh 50 grams. This is because a single penny weighs 2.5 grams, so 50 divided by 2.5 is equal to 20, and 20 multiplied by 25 (the number of pennies in a quarter) is equal to 500.

What is equal to 50 grams?

50 grams is equal to approximately 1.76 ounces or 0.11 pounds. It is also equivalent to 3.53 tablespoons, 17.6 teaspoons, or 852.5 milliliters (ml).

How many quarters weigh 50 grams?

The weight of a quarter depends on the year it was minted. The current quarters, which have been in circulation since 1965, weigh 5.67 grams each. This means that 50 grams would equal approximately 8.8 quarters.

How much do 50 grams weigh in pounds?

Approximately 1.76 ounces, 50 grams is equal to 0.11 pounds. This is because there are 453.59237 grams in a pound, so when you divide 453.59237 by 50, you get the answer of 0.11 pounds.

What is 50 grams in cups?

50 grams is equal to about 0.2 cups. To convert grams to cups, you’ll need to use a conversion rate of 1 gram = 0.00422675284 cup. So, for every gram, you’d multiply by 0.00422675284 and that would give you the equivalent in cups.


In conclusion, there are a surprising number of everyday things that weigh 50 grams. From coins to snacks and crafting materials, it’s important to be aware of the weight of objects we handle frequently. By understanding the weight of items in our daily lives, we can better manage our belongings and make informed decisions about how much we carry around with us. Whether you’re trying to pack light for a trip or simply want to stay organized at home, knowing which items weigh 50 grams can be helpful. Take some time to weigh your own belongings and see where you can make adjustments for a more manageable load.