14 Common Things That Weigh 30 Kilograms With Images

When it comes to measuring weight, kilograms are the standard units used in most countries around the world. 30 kilograms is equivalent to about 66 pounds, and there are many common items that weigh this much. Let’s take a look at 14 things that weigh 30 kilograms.

No#List of Things That Weigh 30 Kilograms
1.Washing machine
2.Small refrigerator
3.Dining table
5.Clothes dryer
7.Electric guitar and amplifier
8.Digital piano
9.Male Bear Cub
10.Mountain Reedbuck
11.Small Children
12.Rowing machine
13.An adult Dalmatian
14.Male Giant otter

How Heavy is 30 kilograms?

30 kilograms is equal to 66.14 pounds. It is considered a medium weight, as it is not too light or too heavy to lift. Depending on the item, 30 kg can be quite cumbersome and difficult to move around. For example, a 30 kg bag of flour would require two people to carry it, whereas a 30 kg sofa could only be moved by three or four people.

1. Washing Machine

Things That Weigh 30 Kilograms

A washing machine is a household appliance that has become an integral part of our daily lives. It is one of the most frequently used appliances in our homes, and it plays a vital role in keeping our clothes clean and fresh. The average weight of a washing machine ranges from 30 to 70 kilograms, depending on the size and type of machine.

2. Small Refrigerator

Things That Weigh 30 Kilograms

A small refrigerator is a must-have appliance in every household. It provides an efficient and convenient way to keep perishable food items fresh for longer periods of time. But have you ever wondered how much weight it can handle? Well, the answer might surprise you.

Typically, a small refrigerator weighs around 20 to 30 kilograms.

3. Dining Table

Things That Weigh 30 Kilograms

A dining table is a central piece of furniture in any home. It’s where families and friends gather to eat, work, play games, and chat. When shopping for a dining table, one important consideration is its weight. A typical dining table can weigh anywhere from 20 to 100 kilograms or more depending on the materials used and size of the piece.

If you’re looking for a dining table that weighs around 30 kilograms, there are many options available. One popular choice is a solid wood table made from oak or walnut.

These tables tend to be durable and heavy due to their sturdy construction and the natural weight of the wood itself.

Another option is a metal frame with a glass or stone top which can be sleek and modern while still providing ample support for meals and gatherings.

4. Bookshelf

Things That Weigh 30 Kilograms

If you are a book lover, then your bookshelf is likely one of the most important pieces of furniture in your home. However, have you ever considered how much it weighs? On average, a standard bookshelf with books on it can weigh around 30 kilograms.

The weight of a bookshelf filled with books can vary depending on the size and number of books stored on it. The denser the collection, the heavier it will be. For example, textbooks and hardcovers tend to be bigger and heavier than paperbacks or magazines. So if you have a lot of textbooks on your shelf, expect that weight to go up considerably.

5. Clothes Dryer

Things That Weigh 30 Kilograms

A clothes dryer is an essential household appliance that lets you dry your freshly washed clothes quickly and efficiently. However, it’s important to keep in mind that this machine can be quite heavy. Most traditional dryers weigh around 30 kilograms or more, which makes them difficult to move around.

6. Dishwasher

Things That Weigh 30 Kilograms

Dishwashers have become an essential appliance in modern-day kitchens. They save time and energy by automatically washing dishes, pots, and pans. But have you ever wondered how much a dishwasher weighs? Well, the average weight of a standard dishwasher ranges from 45 to 80 kilograms.

7. Electric Guitar and Amplifier

Things That Weigh 30 Kilograms

Electric guitars and amplifiers are two of the most essential components for musicians who want to make loud, electrifying music. While some guitarists prefer acoustic instruments, many gravitate towards electric guitars for their ability to produce a wide range of sounds and tones.

Paired with an amplifier, electric guitars can create incredibly powerful sounds that are perfect for rock, metal, and other high-energy genres.

One thing to keep in mind when purchasing an electric guitar and amplifier is their weight. Both items can be quite heavy, weighing up to 30 kilograms or more depending on the model you choose. This means that it’s important to choose equipment that you’re comfortable carrying around from gig to gig or rehearsal space to rehearsal space.

While some musicians may not mind hauling heavy gear around all day long, others may find it cumbersome and uncomfortable.

8. Digital Piano

Things That Weigh 30 Kilograms

Digital pianos are a great alternative to traditional acoustic pianos, especially for those who have limited space or who want to practice without disturbing others. These instruments use digital technology to replicate the sound and feel of a real piano, but they are much lighter and more portable. In fact, most digital pianos weigh between 20 and 30 kilograms.

When shopping for a digital piano, it’s important to consider the weight as well as other factors such as sound quality, touch sensitivity, and number of keys. Some models may be lighter than others, but this can sometimes come at the cost of sound quality or other features. It’s also worth noting that heavier models may be sturdier and more durable over time.

9. 10-Year-Old Children

Things That Weigh 30 Kilograms

10-year-old children are at an age where their growth is significant. They are getting ready to enter adolescence and the changes in their bodies, minds, and emotions can be challenging. At this stage, they weigh around 30 kilograms which makes it important to understand what things weigh the same as them.

10. Rowing Machine

Things That Weigh 30 Kilograms

Rowing machines are excellent pieces of workout equipment that can help you achieve a full-body workout in the comfort of your own home. If you’re wondering how much a rowing machine weighs, it typically ranges between 25-40 kilograms. This weight range makes them slightly bulky but still manageable for most people to move around their homes.

11. An Adult Dalmatian

Things That Weigh 30 Kilograms

An adult Dalmatian is a fairly large dog breed that can weigh up to 30 kilograms. These dogs are known for their unique and recognizable spotted coat, and they are popular pets in many households around the world.

One of the first things to consider when owning an adult Dalmatian is their size and weight. At 30 kilograms, these dogs require a significant amount of exercise and physical activity to stay healthy and happy.

This means that owners should be prepared to take their Dalmatians on regular walks or runs, as well as provide plenty of opportunities for playtime and outdoor adventures.

Another factor to keep in mind when owning an adult Dalmatian is their dietary needs. Because they are larger dogs, they require more food than smaller breeds.

12. Male Giant Otter

Things That Weigh 30 Kilograms

The male giant otter is a fascinating creature that belongs to the weasel family. These otters are known for their playful behavior and impressive size, with males weighing up to 30 kilograms or more. They are found in South America, particularly in the Amazon River basin, and are excellent swimmers.

Male giant otters have a number of unique characteristics that distinguish them from other animals. For instance, they have webbed feet and sharp claws that enable them to move swiftly through water and hunt for fish. Their long, slender bodies also make it easier for them to glide effortlessly through the water.

One of the most interesting things about male giant otters is their social behavior. These otters live in groups consisting of several individuals, including adult males and females as well as juveniles.

13. Mountain Reedbuck

Things That Weigh 30 Kilograms

The Mountain Reedbuck is a medium-sized antelope that belongs to the Bovidae family. It is native to South Africa’s mountainous regions and can be found in high-altitude grasslands, rocky outcrops, and forested areas. The animal weighs around 30 kilograms (66 pounds) on average, making it one of the lightest members of its family.

Mountain Reedbucks are small in stature but agile and fast runners. They have a dark brown coat with lighter underparts and white patches on their throat, chin, inner ears, rump, and tail. Males have straight horns that grow up to 25 cm (10 inches) long while females lack horns altogether.

Despite their small size, Mountain Reedbucks are known for their impressive jumping ability – they can leap up to six feet in the air from a standing position!

14. Male Bear Cub

Things That Weigh 30 Kilograms

A male bear cub can weigh up to 30 kilograms during its first year of life. This weight is considered healthy for a bear cub, and it helps them grow and develop properly. As they mature, their weight will increase significantly, with adult males weighing between 100-400 kilograms.

FAQs – Things That Weigh 30 Kilograms

What is an example of 30 kg?

A 30 kg object is an object that weighs 30 kilograms. Kilograms are a unit of measurement for weight, and 1 kilogram is equal to 2.2 pounds. Examples of objects that weigh 30 kg include a large bag of dog food, a medium-sized suitcase.

Is 30 kg a good weight?

Whether or not 30 kg is a good weight depends on your individual circumstances. Generally speaking, it is important to maintain healthy body weight for optimal health and well-being.

Is 30kg heavy to lift?

The answer to this question depends on the individual. Generally, 30kg is considered a moderately heavy weight and can be lifted by most people with some training.

For those who are not used to lifting weights, 30kg may seem like an intimidatingly large amount of weight. It is important to build up strength gradually and focus on form rather than lifting too much weight too quickly.

How heavy is 30 kg in lb?

30 kg is equal to 66.14 lbs. To convert kg to lbs, you simply multiply the number of kilograms by 2.2. For example, 20 kg would be equal to 44.09 lbs (20 x 2.2 = 44.09).

How heavy is 30kg luggage?

30kg is a relatively heavy amount of luggage. Depending on the type of luggage, this could be anywhere from two to four large suitcases or several smaller bags. For reference, a standard suitcase typically weighs between 5 and 10 kg, so 30kg would be at least three suitcases or multiple smaller bags.

What animal weighs 30kg?

There are a variety of animals that can weigh up to 30kg. The most common animals that reach this weight include large cats like lions, tigers, and jaguars; large dogs such as the Great Dane; and larger primates like gorillas and chimpanzees. In addition, some species of deer, bears, and wild pigs can also reach weights of 30kg or more.

Final Words

There are various common items that weigh approximately 30 kilograms. These range from animals such as bulldogs and some goat breeds to household appliances including washing machines and fridges.

Other items like bags of cement, barbells, and bags of dog food also fall within this weight range. Understanding the weight of these everyday objects can help when it comes to lifting or moving them safely.

Whether you’re looking to maintain your fitness regime with a 30 kg barbell or planning a move and need to know what you can handle, this list provides useful insights into common objects we encounter every day.